This coming Sunday, Journey will celebrate with our 8th graders as they are confirmed in their faith through the rite of confirmation. But what is confirmation, you ask?

Confirmation has been celebrated in the church for a long, long time. When a child is baptized, God adopts them into His family and gives them the gift of faith. When they get older, they learn more about the faith that they have been given. When they begin confirmation (we start at 5th grade, but there’s no right or wrong age to start) they will start on a path of learning what they believe and how we live that out in our daily lives. In confirmation, we learn about the promises that God has made to us and how we can rely on those promises every day. It’s a process of learning and growing that takes us deeper in our faith.

All of this has one purpose – so that you own your faith. Owning your faith means that you understand key truths and make a public confession of your faith. When students celebrate confirmation, they are taking ownership or responsibility for their faith and desiring to continue to grow and take steps on their journey with Jesus. It’s the not the end of the road – far from it, actually! Confirmation is one step in a life-long journey of faith. It’s an important step and a big step, but just one of many!