If it seems like it’s been a while since you’ve heard anything about the property and our eventual move from Celebration Cinema to a new building at Byron Center Ave and 64th Street – don’t fret! You haven’t missed anything!

The summer has slowed things down a little bit, but work is still progressing!

After reviewing the proposal that Journey’s Property Task Force presented, Church Extension Fund (the entity of the District that actually owns the property and will be funding the building) brought their architect to see the land and hear about the Journey and our plans for ministry. After that meeting, they sent us a first draft of a description of the building and its requirements for the property task force to review and respond to. The task force has returned its comments and suggestions and we’ve been informed that the architect is working on a preliminary floor plan and sketch of the building that we hope to have in the next month or so.

This building will represent a first phase of life on the property and will be a great “first-home” for Journey. Here’s a little about what we’re planning for:

  • It’ll be a strip mall concept, with Journey holding an “anchor” position, with space for other businesses to lease adjacent to us. That will help draw the community onto the property and provide revenue to offset the building costs.
  • Our space will have room for worship, community gatherings, administrative functions, children’s ministry, classes, and meetings.
  • The worship space will be designed to be flexible. Our goal is to have community functions (receptions, concerts, etc.) as well as our worship and ministry there.

We don’t have a target date yet, but it will be about 2 years until we’re into the building.

It’s an exciting time at Journey right now and we’re looking forward to sharing more details about the building and the timeline as soon as they’re available! In the meantime, keep Journey and our next step together in your prayers!