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The Core Class

Take your next step and become a partner at Journey. 


At Journey, we have “partners” rather than “members.” It might seem like they’re kind of the same thing, but there’s a big difference: membership comes with privileges, partnership takes commitment. For a church to carry out its mission takes everyone working together, pulling in the same direction. If you’ve been coming to Journey for a while and you’ve been thinking about taking your next step into partnership, The Core is for you! 

The Core Class is designed for those who call Journey Community Church “home.” It gives an overview of what we believe and our community values. We lay out a Biblical foundation for everything we believe and practice as a community of faith. It’s an essential step for everyone who desires to be fully connected to Journey. 


Committing to a local church is how God brings us into a relationship with His people so that we might be a healthy and effective expression of God’s family: growing in our understanding of Scripture, striving for Biblically shaped lifestyles, having sacrificial attitudes, and finding ways to serve and influence our culture. 

At Journey, we don’t want to be a church of consuming observers who sit back and watch a select few people (along with burnt-out pastor and staff) do all of the work. We want the church to be the church; which is why we take partnership seriously. Those who want to be partners are called to a higher level of responsibility. 

At the same time, to those who have made the commitment of membership there is also a solemn commitment from the pastor, elders, and staff to serve them in counsel, service, prayer, and teaching, and to love them like Christ loved the church. 


  • Act Like a Partner. “Worship +2” which means that you go to church on Sunday when you’re in town, you plug into an area to start serving, and you join a class or group and start learning. 
  • The CORE Class. Sign up and attend the CORE Class (Begins Monday, October 1).
  • Partnership Paperwork. After the CORE Class you will be given some paperwork to fill out. 
  • Partnership Conversation. A friendly conversation with a staff member, elder, or pastor so that we can get to know each other better.