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The Gift of a Sacrifice

December 23, 2018
Most of us are pretty familiar with the Christmas story from Mary and Joseph's perspectives, but what about from Jesus' perspective? Hebrews 10 relates a scene as the Son of…
Christmas often invites us to use our imaginations - and we like to dream big! When it came to the first Christmas, Mary and Joseph probably had some big hopes and dreams for it too. But when Mary went into labor away from home and in less than ideal accommodations, she probably felt like she was in a nightmare. The good news is that it's into that very nightmare that Jesus comes and He comes into whatever nightmare we find ourselves in to bring God's love to bear.

Alone and Together

November 25, 2018
To grow as Disciples of Jesus, we need to spend time in two very different, yet related practices: spending time alone, letting God speak to us in quiet reflection on…