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Learning From Anger

November 4, 2018
We all struggle with anger. Even if you're not the type to explode in a fit of yelling and throwing things, anger affects us all in different ways. The trick…

Hiding in Shame

October 28, 2018
Shame is a powerful force. It causes us to withdraw, build up defenses, and put on a mask to pretend that everything is okay. In Jesus, however, we have a…
It's all too easy to talk ourselves into thinking that lying or manipulating others is okay because we've got a really good reason. That's certainly where Jacob was at, and…

Where Am I Going?

September 30, 2018
The final of our "core questions" is the last big question that we all have to face - the question of our destiny. Where am I going? What's waiting for me in eternity? As the Apostle Paul spoke before the people in Athens, he pointed them to Jesus' resurrection because His resurrection is a picture of what's ahead for all of us. And it's in His resurrection that our hope for the future is found! 
Our identity shapes how we live. It's a truth that we see played out on screen in so many different movies and stories. A person throws away their identity only to find that when they rediscover their identity, it changes how they live. As children of God, we have been given a new identity in Christ and that new identity changes how we live in this world!

Why Am I Here?

September 16, 2018
Moving through our "Good Question" series, we take on the second core question - the question about meaning. Knowing where we come from gives us meaning and that meaning is…