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Care to have some fun, keep your family communicating every night, and grow in your understanding of yourself and God? Try this simple five-step process for the next six weeks and see if it doesn’t help!

Here’s how you do it: Whoever is going to bed first in your home calls “Faith 5” or “Huddle Up!” Everyone must drop what they’re doing, turn off the television, put down the tablet or their homework, set the cell phone on silence and gather in a room of the convener’s choice. Then take turns going through these five simple steps:

  1. SHARE highs & lows of the day
  2. READ and highlight a verse of Scripture in your Bible (Not sure where to start? Try this!)
  3. TALK about how the verse relates to your highs & lows
  4. PRAY for your highs & lows, for your family, and for the world
  5. BLESS one another

For Parents of Young Children: What would it be worth to you to have a teenager some day who won’t go to sleep without talking to you about their day? Praying with you? Blessing you? Would it be worth five minutes? Tonight? Every night?

For Parents of Pre-Teens: What would happen to your family over time if you were able to keep this open, caring communication going every night throughout adolescence?

For Parents of Teenagers: Once the teen years begin and drivers’ licences come into play, communication between parents and teens can become a challenge. How might this type of five-minute conversation change a family if they were intentional and consistent about it? Would the benefits outweigh the hassle of trying to invest this time of care, listening, and prayer each night in your home? Why or why not?