Back to School Blessing

It’s time once again for the “Back to School Family Blessing!” We hope this will be a special time for your family to gather together to talk and pray about the upcoming school year. Starting a new year of school can bring on some very strong emotions for students of any age. Sharing these emotions in the safe place of our homes and families, having others listen to us and bring our feelings to God in prayer, could be all that is needed to have an excellent start to the school year.

Be sure to turn off all electronics and devote this time to each other—especially the school age children. Allow each child to express themselves honestly about their excitement and nervousness for the coming year. When they share with you, don’t try to fix or discount their feelings. Acknowledge their feelings and then say a prayer out loud for them. Even a short, to the point prayer is nice and will be very meaningful. You might want to add to this blessing by having a special Bible verse written on a notecard or perhaps a small cross to tuck into their backpack.

The feelings that are shared during this time and following can be conversation starters during the upcoming months. Ask them if their feelings have changed or what you might be able to do to help.

Imagine what would happen to your family over time if you were able to keep this open, caring communication going every night or even a couple of nights a week? Consider setting aside time each day for a brief time of family devotions and prayer—maybe after dinner or before bed.

Download Back to School Blessing PDF