Current Series

How Not To Be A Jerkface

Double parking, phone calls in the elevator, dirty mugs in the office sink, using facebook as a verb. We can easily see the awfulness around us, but are often blind to it in ourselves. Come join us as we learn to be a little less jerkface and a little more human.

  • Peacemakers, Not Peacekeepers

    There's a big difference between being a peacemaker and a peacekeeper. Making peace isn't easy, but it's what we're called to be as followers of Jesus. Being a peacemaker means taking the initiative, speaking honestly, and pursuing peace.

  • Empathy is Essential

    Our culture is losing the ability to be about people other than ourselves, and that's a big problem. More and more, we need to practice empathy by listening to people and feeling with people around us. Those aren't easy things and they don't exactly come natural today, but Jesus - the embodiment of God's empathy for us - joins us as we strive to love our neighbors in this way.

  • We’re All Jerkfaces

    It's really easy to notice how much of a jerkface everyone around us can be; but when you get right down to it, we're all kind of a jerkface. When asked for the greatest command in all of Scripture, Jesus responded with "love God and love your neighbor." The way that we begin to do that is to recognize how much God loved us - even though we're all jerkfaces - and then to give