Baptism is a wonderful blessing that God has given to His church! It’s a means by which He gives us faith and forgiveness of sins. It’s our new birth into the Family of God!

But it’s also more than just a momentary event in the life of a follower of Jesus. It’s a lifelong journey of growing in that faith and taking next steps with Jesus!

In the Baptism service, the parents of a child or the person being baptized, sponsors/Godparents, and congregation all make promises to help nurture the faith that is given in Baptism and to support and encourage each other as we live each day in our Baptism. But how do we do that?! Here are a few ideas:

  1. Pray with abandon and thanksgiving that a precious life has, through baptism, been incorporated “into the body of Christ and into the mission we share.”
  2. Intentionally get acquainted with the newly baptized adult or the parents of the newly baptized child just as you would with a new member of your family.
  3. Invite and encourage participation by the baptized individual, group, or families in the activities, ministries, and services of the church that you find meaningful.
  4. Share your own baptismal story and baptismal faith.
  5. Offer to worship with the child so that the parents might have an occasional worship experience of total concentration and involvement in the service.
  6. Organize a sharing or support group in your congregation for parents of the newly baptized.
  7. Write a note of welcome and encouragement to the newly baptized adult or the parents of the newly baptized child. Or send a note when you notice a pattern of absence from the life of the church.
  8. Remember baptismal anniversaries in some way that is unique and meaningful to you. Send a card or an e-mail. Or if you don’t remember the exact date, simply send a note or say, “It’s been a little while since the baptism. How’s it going?”
  9. Volunteer in kid’s ministry or in child care. Remember, as the people of God, you promised! “People of God, do you promise to support this person and pray for them in their new life in Christ? We do!”
  10. Pray that more people may be brought to the waters of baptism. Nothing is more supportive of those who are presently baptized than a vibrant and growing community of faith!

These are just the beginning! How would you encourage the newly baptized of any age? Share your thoughts in the comments.