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If suffering is a real and unavoidable aspect of life, what worldview or system of belief offers the most hope and meaning in the face of suffering? 

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who is paying attention that in this life we’re going to experience suffering. How much and to what extent we experience that suffering depends on lots of different things, but each person is going to experience some degree of suffering. To help get through those times of suffering, people turn to their faith or their worldview. But here’s the catch: not all worldviews are the same. We’re not all working our way up the side of the same mountain and just taking different paths to get there. It’s more like we’re starting at the top and each taking a different path down. We start in the same place – born into a world where suffering and brokenness abounds, each looking for meaning and purpose – but we may end up in vastly different places depending on the path that we choose. 

Throughout this series, we’re examining different issues that people often raise and respectfully comparing how different religions and worldviews handle those challenges and seeing how Christianity not only handles those issues or challenges well, it actually offers the most hope in the face of those challenges.