Current Series

Why, Christian?

“Does Christianity make sense?”

Have you ever asked that question? Surprisingly, many ardent unbelievers and devoted, lifelong followers have never wrestled with that question. In this series we will examine a handful of arguments in favor of faith in Christ and of the Christian worldview in general, and respectfully contrast them with other ideologies. This is a perfect series to bring your friends, and your own questions, to church.

  • Christianity is Kind to its Followers and its Enemies

    Compared to some other systems of belief, Christianity seems almost too easy. It frees us from the burden of trying to save ourselves by being good enough by God's gift of grace. But it's also incredibly kind to those who are not followers of Jesus as we are .called to "love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you."

  • Christianity Can Handle Your Doubt

    It's never comfortable to feel like you're the only one who has doubts about anything - let alone about your faith. One of the things that makes Christianity remarkable is that it invites us to bring our doubts with us rather than hide them. When our doubts drive us to look for an answer in God's Word, it can lead to even deeper and stronger faith. 

  • Christianity is Unshaken By Suffering

    If suffering is a real and unavoidable aspect of life, what worldview or system of belief offers the most hope and meaning in the face of suffering?