September 10, 2017 – September 24, 2017

When Necessary

Followers of Jesus are called to “go and make disciples.” There’s a popular saying that says, ” share the gospel at all times and when necessary, use words.” In this series, we’ll learn how we can share the good news of Jesus by looking at the greatest example we have – Jesus Himself. The world needs to know Jesus, and it’s absolutely necessary for us to be able to share His story!

  • Take a Chance

    Do you have a burden for those who don't know Jesus? We're called to be people who give away the good news of Jesus to the people around us, but so often we don't take a chance and share Jesus with those who need Him. In the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian in the book of Acts, we see an example of what it takes to be a person who gives away the good

  • Loving People Like Jesus Did

    Jesus tells us, "As I have loved you, now you go love each other." What does it look like to love someone in the way that Jesus loves us? It's a love that's selfless in every respect and focused entirely on the other person.

  • Go and Tell

    Bad news is a burden to have to break to someone, but sharing good news is a joy! As disciples, we've got the best news of all to share: Jesus and His love for the world! So why is it that we often treat telling others about Jesus like it's bad news? We've been given a tremendous gift through faith in Christ and we get to share that gift with the world!