March 27, 2016 – April 24, 2016


Jesus’ resurrection changes how we view life and the world around us and the new life we have in Him gives new purpose and meaning to our lives! We’ll explore what it means to live in the new life we have in Christ and how it can change everything!

  • Forgiven and Free

    Satan wants our sins to stick to us like glue so that we lose hope of ever being set free. But because Jesus rose from the dead, our sins are not only forgiven but we are a new creation!

  • Making Things New

    God is in the business of taking old, worn out and broken things and making them new. It's what the resurrection of Jesus was all about! But Jesus didn't come only to make us new - He came to make all things new!

  • Growing Through a Rough Patch

    Going through difficult and rough times is a universal aspect of life. We all experience them at one point or another. But how do we respond to these times? Because of the resurrection of Jesus, our outlook on even these times of life is turned around!

  • It’s Not About You

    The power of Jesus' resurrection touches every part of our lives and it flips our perspective on the world upside down! No longer is everything all about me, but it gets to be about something better - the One who has risen!

  • A New Perspective

    The world is different - and it has been for about 2,000 years since Jesus rose from the dead! Because of Jesus' resurrection on Easter, we have a whole different outlook on the world when we're in Christ.