August 21, 2016 – September 4, 2016

The Red and The Blue

Politics divide like no other. In this series, we’re going to wrestle with what it means to be a follower of Jesus and do our civic duty. As Christians, we’re citizens of both the Kingdom of God and the world we live in – and we have responsibility to both! Instead of being slaves to politics or being obsessed with them, we get to live as servants of Jesus in this world and God’s Kingdom.

August 21: How to be Political Without Being a Jerk
August 28: Politicians Can’t Save You
September 4: Remember What Unites Us

  • United in Jesus

    Politics are divisive. It's easy to have strong feelings one way or another about how things should go politically and that political division doesn’t stop at the threshold of the church. There are times when it even seems like, for Christians, politics are all that matters!

  • Politicians Can’t Save You

    Humans are political creatures and at the heart of our fascination with politics and power are politicians. But while they may be powerful and influential with lots of promises to save the day, there is only One who holds the whole world in His power - God.

  • Being Political Without Being a Jerk

    The intersection of politics and the church is a messy one! It's easy to get caught up thinking that the two don't go together at all, or to think that we need to make one look like the other. But the reality is that God is at work in both of them.