Current Series

Monsters: Fighting Enemies of the Faith

We all face spiritual monsters. These monsters seek to devour our faith, pulling us away from the victory we have in Christ. As we seek to live faithful lives of obedience to God, there are monsters that we come up against—pride, fear, and inaction. Thankfully, the battle isn’t ours alone to fight—Christ is the true monster-slayer, offering us freedom through His death and resurrection.

  • Fear

    Fitting in is what most people try to do and the thought of not fitting in is scary! Fear of what others think about us can cause us to compromise on our convictions and hold back on our witness as followers of Jesus. But in Jesus, we have someone who knows our fears and who has conquered our fears!

  • Pride

    We all face monsters when it comes to our faith and those monsters often come from inside us. We kick off our "Monsters" series looking at the biggest monster of them all and the one that all other monsters spring from: Pride.