November 27, 2016 – December 18, 2016

The Lyrics of Christmas

Songs play a big part in the celebration of Christmas. It’s why radio stations start playing Christmas songs right after Halloween!

Songs played a role in the very first Christmas, too. There are four different songs recorded in the Christmas story, sung by Mary, Zachariah, the angels, and Simeon and each song tells part of the story of what God is doing for all of us at Christmas.

  • Simeon’s Song

    Simeon is someone we know very little about in the Christmas story, but his song is perhaps the one that we can identify with the most.

  • The Angels’ Song

    The song of the angels may be the most well-known of the four songs recorded in Luke's Gospel. Unlike the other songs, for this one it's more important that we understand who heard the song rather than who sang it for its message to really hit home.

  • Zechariah’s Song

    Zechariah's song is a song about hope in the promises of God fulfilled. We may identify with Zechariah in this song as we sit back, waiting for our dreams to come true, but that's not the point Zechariah or God's Word is making. Rather than waiting for our wishes to come true, let's hold on the promises that God actually makes to us.

  • Mary’s Song

    In the narrative of Christmas, Luke records a song sung by Mary shortly after she learns that she will bear the Son of God. In this song, sung by a simple, young woman, we learn some profound things about grace and how God works in His Kingdom.