June 5, 2016 – July 3, 2016


Life Hack n. An ingenious solution to an everyday problem, making life easier and more efficient.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make such a big difference in our lives. This summer, we’re looking at some Spiritual Lifehacks and how these practices not only help us to grow in our faith but can have a profound impact on our daily life too!

  • Getting In Touch With God

    When it comes to prayer, it's often seen as our last resort. It's what we turn to when we've tried exhausted every other option. But prayer is a powerful thing! In prayer, we have a connection with God our Father. He didn't intend for prayer to be something we turn to as a last resort but as a way to strengthen our relationship with Him.

  • Being Filled Up

    In worship, God pours into us so that we can pour into others around us. But if we treat worship as something to drop into once a week or once a month to get filled up, we're always going to be empty.

  • Quieting the Noise

    A faith practice that our modern world isn’t accustomed to is silence and solitude. We’ve been conditioned to be comfortable around noise and crowds, yet when we take time for intentional solitude and silence – even if only for a moment – we can experience times of great growth.

  • Getting Into God’s Word

    As followers of Jesus, if we're trying to live a Christian life apart from the Word of God, we're not going to last very long. God tells us that in His Word, we find the power to grow and persevere as a Christian.

  • Telling Others About Jesus

    As followers of Jesus, we all have a commission to go and make disciples. It's not just the pastor's job! But knowing how to do that can leave us feeling frustrated or not sure where to start.