September 14, 2014 – October 19, 2014

Get a Grip

As we head into the fall, it can feel like our grip on life is getting weaker and weaker! With out of control schedules, families that feel like a mess, and the constant pressure to have it all together, it can almost be too much to bear. We’ll look to God’s Word and find hope for out of control lives as we struggle to get a grip.

  • Get a Grip on Your Citizenship

    What does it mean to be a Christian Citizen in our world today?

  • Get a Grip on Your Body

    Our society tells us that health and fitness are important things so that we can be popular, attractive, and happy. But the care of our body goes way beyond all those things. When we get a grip on God’s teaching about our bodies, we have a whole new perspective!

  • Get a Grip on Your Relationships

    Relationships are tough, especially when we try to get a grip on them on our own. But when we pattern our relationships after our relationship with Christ it changes everything!

  • Get a Grip on Your Devotions

    Focusing on our devotional life can seem like a waste of time, especially when we don’t have that much time to spare anyway! But this part of our life impacts all of the others!

  • Get a Grip on Your Money

    Money issues are a leading cause of stress in our lives and relationships these days. How can we honor God with our finances and find peace?

  • Get a Grip on Your Schedule

    We all have times when we feel like life is getting out of control, but God didn’t design us to live life like that! We’ll see how we can get a grip on our schedule through God’s Word.