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Elisha: A Tale of Ridiculous Faith

Can you imagine what could happen if you gave control of your life to God? It’s scary, but the benefits are world-altering! The story of Elisha challenges us to answer God’s calling and take the risks that are necessary to do His will. Come see what life can look like when we let go—when we have ridiculous faith!

  • Ridiculous Provision

    When we find ourselves in places of great need, our tendency is to focus on what we don't have instead of what we do have. In this story from Elisha's life, he helps a widow who was in a seemingly hopeless situation. God asks her to trust Him what what little she had while He provided what she really needed.

  • Ridiculous Faith

    Ridiculous faith trusts in the promises of God regardless of the circumstances - even when it doesn't make sense. In our look at the Old Testament prophet Elisha, we come upon a story where God invited the people to trust in Him to provide what they needed and more. It didn't make sense, but God invited them to have ridiculous faith in His promises.

  • Get Your Call On

    The story of Elisha begins with his call to leave his ordinary life and to follow Elijah. He knows God's behind it and so he not only follows Elijah, he gets rid of "plan b" by slaughtering his oxen and burning his plow. We may not be called to be a prophet like Elisha, but we're called to follow Jesus - a calling that means leaving our old way of life behind as we learn