July 9, 2017 – July 30, 2017

Culture Shock

Following Jesus often means going against the flow of the culture around us. But while that’s not easy, it’s also not a new challenge. In this series, we’ll see how God calls us to live fully in this world while living for Him and His Kingdom.

  • Convicted & Compassionate

    As followers of Jesus, we're called to be both convicted and compassionate. Often times those two things are presented as being contrary to one another: that you can't be loving and stand on your convictions. One has to give in to the other, or so our world says. But Jesus calls His followers to be people who are known for their compassion while standing on their convictions. The two don't have to be enemies of

  • Different Priorities

    Followers of Jesus are called out from and set apart from this world to submit to and serve Jesus as king - not just as king of the universe but the king of our own hearts. Being set apart and different from the rest of the world brings us into conflict with the culture around us because we serve a different King. And because Jesus is our king, the words of the King are our

  • What is Truth?

    Our culture likes to say that "what's true for you isn't necessarily true for me." As followers of Jesus, however, we're called to live in contrast to our world around us and nowhere is that more evident than how we view "truth." Jesus came to bring the truth and He did so by bringing Himself!

  • Homesick and Happy

    As followers of Jesus, we're called to live in contrast to our world and as a blessing to our world. Today, we might find ourselves struggling with how hard it is to live faithfully in this world because of how great the contrast is. The Apostle Peter wrote to a church who was struggling with how difficult it was to be set apart and clashing with their culture and he puts their hope not in